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And which figurine from the Grey's Anatomy series would you choose first? 👩🏻‍⚕️


Looking at the Whitney figurine, I immediately hear her voice and her rendition of "I Will Always Love You." 😍 While I'm not a die-hard fan of her work, I do enjoy listening to her songs, which stand out with their emotional lyrics and immense vocal talent. 🎶 How about you? Do you like this artist? #WhitneyHouston #Music #MusicIcon

The weekend continues. Time to watch a classic. But what should I choose? 🤔


Yennefer, the unmatched sorceress with a tumultuous past, exudes confidence and independence. 🔥 However, what intrigued me the most was the development of her character. Her figurine is one of those that couldn't be missing from my shelf. ✅ Do you have a figurine that you can't imagine not having in your collection? ❓#Yennefer #TheWitcher #Netflix


Yesterday, a new delivery arrived. And in it: Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar, Stranger Things, Harry Potter, Avengers, and many, many more. Be sure to come visit our store and see for yourselves. 🔥


Abdul Ali is one of the few characters from the Squid Game series that you like from start to finish. 🎭 I'm curious if you share my opinion and how many people were cheering for him to win the prize? 💪 #AbdulAli #SquidGame #Reflection


4 powers of Black Adam that we would like to have:

🦅 Flight - it would be so enjoyable to be able to fly, especially on a beautiful spring day,

🗯 Speed - think of all the things you could accomplish in a short amount of time and never be late anywhere,

⚡️ Electrokinesis - imagine generating lightning bolts, that would be so much fun,

💪🏻 Superhuman strength - never being tired again, what a dream.

And what superpowers would you all like to have? ⚡️


For some, the story of Pinocchio is about a little fibber, while for others, it's an inspiring tale of a boy who fulfilled his greatest desires. 🌟 However, undoubtedly, it's a heartwarming and slightly twisted story about love, friendship, and dreams. 👨‍👦 The Pinocchio figurine is a cool reminder that every dream can become a reality! 💙 #Pinocchio #ClassicTales #DreamsComeTrue


Even before the screening of Thor: Love and Thunder, we knew that figures from this line would find their place in our collection. After the screening, we only became more convinced of this, and ultimately, the figures ended up on our shelf. Have you ever had a series that you hadn't seen or played yet, but you liked the figures so much that you decided to add them to your collection? ❤️🔨


The Luke with Grogu figurine expresses more than a thousand words. 🥰 Not only is it EXCEPTIONAL, but it also has the best features of Star Wars figures - a spring-loaded moving head and a substantial base. May the power of Luke and the cuteness of Grogu accompany you on your journey through the galaxy! ✨🌌 #LukeSkywalker #Grogu #TheMandalorian #StarWars


The 5 most frequently listened to songs by Britney Spears on YouTube:

1️⃣ Baby One More Time - 839 million

2️⃣ Toxic - 619 million

3️⃣ Oops!... I Did It Again - 415 million

4️⃣ Womanizer - 365 million

5️⃣ Gimme More - 311 million

And which song of hers did you like the most? 🎤


It was hard for me to imagine Loki having a partner who could keep up with him. But here comes determined Sylvie, who not only doesn't yield to the 'god of mischief' but can also overshadow him. 💫 This character definitely stole my heart, and I can't wait for her further adventures. 💖 Fortunately, I won't have to wait long because the premiere of Loki Season 2 is on October 6th. ⏱

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