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We are the fastest growing store specializing in Funko figurines in Poland. Thousands of customers have trusted us.

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We were established to meet the market demand for a thriving industry of original and unique gadgets, which aim to replace the concept of standard collectible toys and become symbols of fascinating collections for both younger and older audiences. Each of us harbors a fan's passion for popular movies dominating the big screen, TV series, games, or cartoons.

Funko, the company, stands as a revolution in the collectibles market, and its hallmark is the continuous release of increasingly captivating models of figurine characters. Ready to join our customer community? Well, it's high time to get to know us better and explore our ever-expanding range of products.

Funko's figurines, from the American company, are the latest fashion trend and have been incredibly well-received in the market as a line of collectible gadgets featuring pop culture heroes. The figurines are made from a durable material called vinyl, which makes them very resilient. The craftsmanship is surrounded by a touch of collector's magic; even the packaging looks fantastic, and the transparent display case allows them to be attractively showcased on collectors' shelves. They make for intriguing decorations and a collector's pride.

We specialize in distributing figurines to retail customers and in wholesale orders for companies. Currently, our offer includes hundreds of diverse models, and every week, new collections are being added.

We process orders in our store with great care, and the delivery cost is very affordable with delivery times often around 48 hours from the order. We offer many user-friendly payment options and delivery methods. We invite you to browse through our offer.

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