Payment systems and cost

Internet payments iMoje - 0 zł

An innovative and secure method of online payments, created under the wings of ING Bank Śląski. Within minutes, the funds are credited to the account, and the order receives the status - paid. Thanks to this method, we are able to process your order shortly after the payment is completed.

The payment system supports all popular Polish banks, card payments, payments via the BLIK system, Google Pay, and the innovative "deferred" payment solution provided by Twisto. After making the payment, we always receive a confirmation to the email address provided in the order.

imoje - ING Bank Śląski online payments are one of the rapidly growing and popular payment gateways in Poland, alongside other well-known brands such as Tpay, PayU, Przelewy24, and Dotpay.

ℹ️ If something goes wrong during the payment process, we send an order confirmation email where, on the status page, you can make another attempt to pay for the order. If you encounter any issues, please contact us.

Internet payments tPay - 0 zł

Najszybsza i maksymalnie bezpieczna metoda płatności za zamówienie. W kilka minut po uiszczeniu opłaty, system księguje środki na koncie. Dzięki temu, możemy natychmiast przystąpić do realizacji zamówienia.

W systemie płatności dostępnych jest 20 polskich banków. Aby poznać szczegóły, odsyłamy do strony z dokładnymi godzinami księgowania oraz listą banków. Po dokonaniu płatności, na adres e-mail podawany w zamówieniu, zawsze otrzymujemy potwierdzenie.

Krajowy Integrator Płatności S.A., znany pod nazwą systemu płatności - tPay, to jedna z popularnych bramek płatniczych działających w Polsce, obok innych znanych marek jak PayU, Przelewy24 czy Dotpay.

ℹ️ Jeśli w trakcie płatności coś poszło nie tak, na e-mail wysyłamy potwierdzenie zamówienia, gdzie na stronie statusu można ponownie podjąć próbę płatności za zamówienie. W razie kłopotów prosimy o kontakt.

Card payments - 0 zł

We also accept instant payments with Visa and MasterCard credit cards. All payments are processed based on the certification of Elavon, ensuring complete transaction security.

All credit card transactions are processed instantly. This is the fastest form of payment for your order.

ℹ️ During the payment process on our website, no data related to our customers' credit cards is stored. Elavon, a provider of terminal solutions in Poland, oversees the transactions.

Post Office payment - 0 zł

Along with online payments through tPay, we also offer payment via bank transfer at the post office. With this option, the customer can print out the transfer form with the correct details and pay for the order at any branch of Poczta Polska (Polish Post) in Poland.

ℹ️ Unpaid orders will be canceled after a few days. If payment is delayed, we cannot guarantee the availability of the products.

Google Pay payments - 0 zł

Modern payments through Google Pay on your phone are also available as a payment method in our store. With this option, placing an order from your mobile phone allows you to pay for the order in a quick and very convenient way.

The security of transactions is overseen by Google's software.

ℹ️ An ideal solution for people ordering through their mobile phones.

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