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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is coming, and along with this production, new figurines are also arriving

If you are a fan of the movie "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse," or simply interested in the Spider-Man universe, you will definitely be interested in the new figurines and keychains from Funko! This collection of figurines is a must-have for anyone who loves these characters, as it includes not only classic versions of Spider-Man but also many other interesting characters.

In the new series, you will find Spider-Man in an intriguing dark navy costume with red accents, and this figurine comes in three different versions, from keychain to standard size and larger. Another interesting piece is Spider-Gwen, or Gwen Stacy - available as both a figurine and a keychain in her iconic hooded outfit. The villain from the series, The Spot, whose power is teleportation, also received his own model as both a figurine and a keychain, and he looks amazing as if in the midst of teleporting. Additionally, the Funko collection features five other figurines related to the universe: Spider-Man India, who is the Indian counterpart of Spider-Man; Spider-Man 2099, who comes from the future; Spider-Byte, a character created specifically for the movie "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse." There is also Spider-Woman, who gained the ability to cling to surfaces. In the new series, you will also find Medieval Vulture, a version of Vulture, one of Spider-Man's enemies, stylized as a medieval character.

All the figurines are made of vinyl and stand at about 10 centimeters in height. The carefully crafted keychains, on the other hand, are about 5 centimeters tall and come equipped with a metal ring, allowing you to attach them to your keys or bag. These are perfect collector's items for fans of the Spider-Man universe and Funko figurines alike. Each character has been meticulously designed with attention to detail, making them very close to their movie counterparts. The Funko figurine collection is an excellent gift idea for any Spider-Man universe fan, as well as a great opportunity for Funko figurine collectors looking for new and original models to add to their collection.

If you are interested in our models, we encourage you to submit a non-binding registration of interest to receive email notifications when our products become available in stock. We are currently accepting pre-order bookings, so don't hesitate and order now! 🚨

Funko has also unveiled new limited edition models from this series. You can express your interest in them or add them to your profile collection. At the moment, they have not been offered in our store, but if anything changes in the future, you will be notified through standard notifications if you have expressed interest. 👍

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Czekamy na info o transportach. Jeszcze brak konkretów w temacie załadunku.


a year ago

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potrzebuje spider punka

Ale fajnie wyglądają ^^

Całkiem spoko


Chyba się skuszę na Scarlet Spider. A kto wie, może na coś jeszcze :)

No i oczywiście że będzie zamówienie na te pozycje

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