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Funko-style figures from the Digimon animation? They're coming!

For Digimon fans from around the world, we have great news - beloved characters from this iconic series now have their own collectible Funko figures! Gomamon, Patamon, Tai, Agumon, Matt, and Gabumon are joining the growing family of Funko figures to add even more magic and fun to the world of collectors. Are you ready to discover how these incredible heroes look in Funko figure form? Get ready for an amazing adventure! 😍

Tai and Agumon are an inseparable duo that couldn't be missing from our Funko figure collection. Tai, the brave leader of the Digi-Destined, stands proudly alongside his faithful companion - the fiery Agumon. Leading our unique collection is also Gomamon - this adorable, penguin-like Digimon will delight every fan of the series. Another character making the journey from the virtual world to your collection is Patamon - the friendly Digimon that evokes warm feelings and memories in all of us.

Digimon - Tai



Digimon - Agumon



Digimon - Matt



Digimon - Gabumon



Digimon - Patamon



Digimon - Gomamon



Last, but certainly not least, in our collection are Matt and Gabumon. Matt, always ready to protect his friends, stands proudly next to his companion - Gabumon. The Funko figures capture their appearance in the tiniest details.

The new Funko figure series from Digimon is a perfect opportunity for all fans of this beloved anime. If you are Digimon enthusiasts, you will surely be interested in the latest Funko figure line. We warmly encourage you to express your interest to receive an email notification about the availability of our products in stock. We are currently accepting pre-orders as well, so don't wait and place your orders now! 🚨

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