Figure Kong 2 from the series Godzilla kontra Kong - Funko Pop! Vinyl: Movies

Figure Kong 2 from the series Godzilla kontra Kong - Funko Pop! Vinyl: Movies


Pop! Vinyl: Movies

Godzilla kontra Kong

Kong 2

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Pop! Vinyl: Movies

Godzilla kontra Kong - Kong 2

Pop! figures by Funko are among the most popular and best-selling collectible gadgets worldwide! They impress with their unique appearance and a multitude of models. They look great in their original packaging with transparent windows, but also without them. Join the #PopManiacs community now, expand your collection, or give someone a unique gift!

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Godzilla kontra Kong - Kong 2

More about the product

We sell our products directly from the manufacturer. We do not use intermediaries, and we do not buy figurines from other sources. We guarantee only official distribution and 100% authenticity guarantee.

  • Nazwa: Kong 2
  • Seria: Godzilla kontra Kong
  • Manufacturer: Funko
  • Age category: 3+
  • Figure height: ~10cm

  • Product condition: New
  • Packaging condition: Ideal
  • Delivery: 1-2 days
  • Shippment from Poland: Yes

  • EAN/UPC code: 889698509527
  • Manufacturer code: 50952

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